The Sikaman Times (or Sikaman Times) is a newly established online news and information portal registered in Ghana. It is a division of The Creator Media Group, which also has in its fold: Transformed Radio, Transformed TV, and ImageLive Studios. The Sikaman Times is passionate about leveraging technology and its experienced staff to serve our audience with high-quality, relevant, and impactful news and other content. Our mission is to add value to our audiences’ lives by not only meeting their news information needs, but also delivering vital content in a variety of areas.

We cover not only news and content in Ghana, but in other African countries and the world at large. Our interest areas include politics, business, technology, health and wellness, rural development, and relationships.

The Sikaman Times embraces the power of social media by connecting with our existing and prospective audiences on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

Our organisation exhibits a high sense of professionalism, integrity, moderation, and accuracy in its content gathering and publications. Apart from being guided by the codes and ethics of the journalism profession, we also comply with all relevant laws within our operational jurisdiction, which is presently Ghana.


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